:-: Tea Room Review: The Tearoom :-:

If I say "cat," do you think, "dog"?
If I say "Chinese restaurant," do you think, "English teatime"?
Maybe after reading this blog you will.

We were ready for another family afternoon tea adventure, so we stayed closer to home and tried our luck in Rockridge. I oftentimes associate Chinese food with tea (for obvious reasons), but never English afternoon tea, so I didn't expected to find both under the same roof.

Today's tea room review: The Tearoom


M and I have tried teas we really liked, but we never end up purchasing any to take home with us - until this time! We purchased the milky oolong, which was packaged in a cute little glass jar with an airtight sealed lid.

:-: Teatime Tidbit :-:
This tearoom offers a "cloudy candy," which is cotton candy served over tea. I didn't even see this until I did more research on this place after we left (yes, I did things a little backwards this time), but that's just another thing to go back and try!

Have you had any interesting tea options that you haven't seen elsewhere?
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