:-: Don't Cry. I'll Show You How to Repair a Broken Teacup :-:

I took someone's advice to enjoy my vintage teacups by using them to actually drink tea. It made me feel much happier than I thought it would, and I was ready to start making it a regular experience.

I made tea, quickly posted a picture of it on Instagram, and then drank that tea out of my lovely vintage teacup.

As I was washing my teacup, the bottom rim fell off and the teacup hit the bottom of the sink and broke. I almost cried, but composed myself, and thought, "Well, at least I got to use it once before it broke."

I found another vintage teacup/saucer duo for sale online (same pattern as what I broke), and it was actually in better condition than the one I have, but the one I have was the first teacup in my collection, so it has sentimental value. I decided I'd repair my teacup instead of just replacing it with a new (old) one.

A couple of pieces broke off the teacup and it didn't shatter into tiny pieces, so it was a pretty straightforward repair. I used some Gorilla super glue gel that dries clear and is specifically okay for ceramic. If your cup didn't break into clean pieces (i.e., you're missing pieces of porcelain), using epoxy is a better option since it will help fill in cracks and gaps. Also, if you plan on drinking out of your teacup again in the future, you should check to make sure the glue you're using is food safe.

I lined up the cup and the broken rim so that I'd know exactly where to place the rim once the glue was on. The last thing you want is for the glue to set before the two pieces have been matched up properly.

Start by gluing the sturdiest piece first. You don't want to put pressure on the delicate pieces after they've already been glued. 

The glue I purchased went on precisely and didn't gush all over the place, so I put the glue directly onto the cup where I was going to glue the broken piece. 

Do the same for the remaining broken piece(s).

Since I was sad, I decided to buy myself a small gift. Nothing fancy - just something to make me feel better - and justify a purchase I've been wanting to make. Some may think I just rewarded myself for messing something up, but I'm taking a glass-half-full approach to this situation. I purchased a compact black light that easily fits into my purse so that when I go teacup shopping, I can check to see if the set I'm purchasing has any cracks and/or repairs since the glue looks fluorescent under black light.

I'll probably never actually use my black light in a store because I'll be too embarrassed, but I like knowing I have the option.

I love it when people make it easy for me and list the exact items they used so I don't have to figure it out myself. And I really love that Amazon delivers everything to my house so that I don't ever have to leave.
I actually do leave my house every day, but again - options.

Don't forget to buy tissues in case you actually did cry a little. No judgment here.

:-: Teatime Tidbit :-:
Teacups generally lose value when they have chips, cracks, repairs or crazing. If you're looking at teacups online, you should ask the seller if the teacup you're interested in fits any of these categories so that you can make an informed decision when making your purchase.

Have you ever broken a teacup?
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  1. I've broken a sugar bowl which I like so much...My son tried to fix it but it was not so good.Anyway,I keep it with me.Hugs!


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