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I visited an antique shop that specializes in tea sets and the owner started talking to me about what I was trying to find. I told her that I saw a Spode design online, fell in love with it, and that my new lifelong hobby was collecting vintage teacups. Beyond that, I didn't have anything particular in mind. She asked if I already had any teacups and I mentioned that we had some Royal Albert pieces that we received as wedding gifts.

Royal Albert Rose Confetti Collection

Royal Albert Polka Rose Collection

When I went on to tell her that I had only used our 3-tier cake stand once and only took the other pieces down from the top shelf in our kitchen when they needed cleaning, she nearly had a heart attack. "The whole point of collecting tea sets is so that you can enjoy them," she said. I thought, "That's a valid point," and responded, "I'm afraid I might break them." She said, "Then they break. They're just things. The important things are the memories you make when you enjoy the tea set with your daughter" (those weren't her words verbatim, but close enough).

And so my teacup collecting (and teacup using) journey started.

Okay, now for the Home Goods haul. I found a few things scattered around Home Goods that looked perfect for tea time. Almost every piece I picked up was made by Grace Teaware. I also found something from Spode (not vintage, obviously, but exciting nonetheless) and some adorable egg cups. Believe it or not, I've been looking for affordable egg cups for quite some time now and hadn't been able to find any porcelain ones with a design I liked until now.

I had a few too many items in my shopping cart, so before I got in line to check out, I looked through everything and thought to myself, "Yes, these things are very cute, but you don't need all of this. I mean, seriously, what are you going to do with two cake stands, crazy?" So I put things back where I found them. Here's what I ended up with:

These pieces match really well with the Royal Albert collections I already have, so if you're trying to expand your tea set and want some affordable options that you won't feel bad about switching out later on (but you won't because they're so cute), you should be able to find some good pieces at Home Goods.

:-: Teatime Tidbit :-:
"The story of Royal Albert stretches back over 100 years. Whilst the Royal Albert brand was created in 1904, its roots are to be found in the Albert Works, built in 1896." - Royal Albert website

Have you found anything interesting at Home Goods lately?
Let me know in the comments below.
Or don't, so I won't feel a need to go back and spend more money.

Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully you made it to the end of this very long post.

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  1. Beautiful china! So delicate and romantic!

    1. It's fun to mix and match! Thanks for stopping by!


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