:-: The Teacup That Started It All :-:

So ... teacups. How did that start?

Before I moved to my current city, I used to walk past a tea shop almost every day. Every time I walked by, I thought to myself, "I'm going to have afternoon tea there one day." I ended up moving and never even stepped foot inside.

When I had tea at Babington's, I learned that the tearoom had been around for a long time and was steeped in tradition, and it inspired me to learn proper tea etiquette for my future afternoon tea adventures.

I purchased a tea etiquette book and started doing research online, and saw so many beautiful teacups. But what really started it all was an email I received from Replacements, Ltd. that had a photo of the most unique teacup I'd ever seen. The design is actually quite simple, but it has an intricate lace detailing and a beautiful rose in the center that I absolutely fell in love with.

Some other beautiful pieces from the Spode Billingsley Rose Pink collection:

:-: Teatime Tidbit :-:
Josiah Spode invented bone china in the late 1700s.

Do you have a favorite teacup and saucer set?

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