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Last December, my husband ("M"), daughter ("Y") and I took a trip to Italy and ended up someplace unexpected. We were walking around Rome and got caught in the rain near the Spanish Steps, so M suggested we go into Babington's to warm up. To my delight, it was an English tea room! I'd always wanted to have afternoon tea, and being soaked by the rain quickly became an afterthought.

When we stopped in for our visit, Babington's was celebrating its 125th anniversary (it's been around since 1893). They were closing early that afternoon for a special event and there were only a couple of open tables, but they were nice enough to seat us without a reservation.

The inside was warm and cozy. The porcelain tea cups were a retro teal color that would go beautifully with my tea set at home (not available for sale, though) and the silver teaware pieces each had a cat design on top. Yes, a cat. Sooo cute!

We ordered a special menu option which included a slice of anniversary cake and tea. Our server told us we were lucky because we got the last slice of cake for the day. I decided Babington's was meant to be.

1893, the 125th Anniversary Afternoon Tea: white chocolate cake with bourbon vanilla, fresh raspberries and meringue
125th Anniversary Blend: black teas scented with vanilla, rose petals, elderflower, honey, mirth and juniper
Another couple came in a few minutes later and were seated at the last empty table right beside us. They tried to order the special cake. The server gestured at me and told the lady I had just ordered the last slice. Not awkward at all. I felt kind of bad, but once the cake was sent to our table and I took a bite, my only focus was on the cake, which was amazing. It looked a bit dry, but actually tasted light and fresh, and the meringue on top made the cake really special. The meringue was soft but crunchy at the same time and not too sweet. It also came with some berries that were a little bit tart. These berries and the lovely tea really complemented the delicious cake.

Y also approved.

The service was good overall and they never made us feel rushed. And - as if the experience itself wasn't memorable enough, M got up to pay the bill and was gone for quite some time. It turns out he also stopped at the gift shop and waited while one of the staff searched through all of their inventory to find one last anniversary spoon for sale.

All I need now is the rest of the matching homeware...

:-: Teatime Tidbit :-:
Before health and safety regulations became enforced, there used to be a resident cat named Mascherino that roamed around the tea room. This was the inspiration for Babington's cat design. 

Have you ever been to Babington's or unexpectedly found yourself having afternoon tea?
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  1. Hi! I collect teacups and demitasses. I am glad I stopped by. Have a lovely Sunday!

    1. Thanks! I'll be sure to check out your blog. Have a great weekend!


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